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New Control Buttons for Nu-Vois III

The Nu-Vois team continues to improve and enhance the Nu-Vois products.  As of April 2018, we have completed testing of a new design for the dual control buttons on the Nu-Vois III.  The control button s have been redesigned as a sealed, individual unit which will prevent dirt and debris from entering the unit.  This advancement will increase the life of your device.


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New Circuit Boards for Nu-Vois III

Following the successful completion of the Nu-Vois II circuit board upgrade project, the circuit boards for Nu-Vois III have now also been upgraded.  The same enhancements incorporated into the Nu-Vois II boards in 2017 are now available in the Nu-Vois III devices.  These enhancements are:

  • Increased clarity of sound, particularly at higher volumes.
  • Increased battery life.

Nu-Vois III devices purchased after April 1, 2018 will include the upgraded circuit board.


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New Circuit Boards for Nu-Vois II

In 2016, the Nu-Vois Research and Development team has decided to invest in a project to upgrade the circuit boards of the Nu-Vois II devices.  The new circuit boards provide improved clarity of sound, particularly at higher volumes.  The new boards have also been designed to require less battery usage, increasing the amount of time your device will operate between battery recharges.

Beginning in April 2017, all Nu-Vois II devices will be shipped with the new circuit board.