Nu-Vois III

Nu-Vois LLC is located in Meridian, Idaho and is home to the Nu-Vois Electronic Larynx. The Nu-Vois product line has been manufactured here in the USA for over the past 20 years.

Electro-Larynges from Nu-Vois

Presenting the Nu-Vois™ collection of top-quality electro-larynges. The Nu-Vois III Digital™ is our latest and most advanced model in a distinguished line of products.

The Nu-Vois III Digital™ is an electro-larynge, which incorporates state of the art electronics. A programmable electronic circuit allow for full digital control of all functions. Volume and tonal/pitch adjustments can be made simply by pressing buttons. No disassembly required.

Dual on/off control buttons can be set independently of one another, either for two separate speaking volumes; one low for more intimate situations, and one high for situations with more background noise. Simply move from one button to the other.

These same control buttons can also be set for two different tonal/pitch levels, allowing the user to add inflection to their speaking voice for emphasis and a more natural voice, simply by rocking or sliding your finger from one button to the other.

In addition, the advanced electronics are designed to minimize battery draw, allowing for extended battery life.